Advisory Group & Committee Announcement

Advisory Group & Committee Announcement

As a new year is beginning, the AFS-USA National Council is looking for volunteers to join our various Advisory Groups and Committees. 

The purpose of these Advisory Groups and Committees is to create opportunities for AFS volunteers and staff to collaborate to address organizational needs and/or challenges from a national perspective. Volunteers and staff in these groups represent different areas of expertise, knowledge, skills, and talents. The groups review different areas of the organization and develop recommendations for how we can improve the processes, tools, and/or resources needed to effectively deliver and support our AFS programs, volunteers, communities, and participants.

Advisory Groups typically meet monthly via Zoom call, with a couple of hours of work per month in between meetings. A complete list of Advisory Groups and Committees looking for membership is as follows: 

  • Compliance Advisory Group
  • Hosting Advisory Group
  • Orientations Advisory Group
  • Sponsored Programs Advisory Group
  • Study Abroad Advisory Group
  • Support Advisory Group
  • Travel Advisory Group
  • Volunteer Engagement Advisory Group
  • Communications Committee
  • Volunteer Recognition Committee


Volunteers interested in joining an Advisory Group may begin the process by completing the interest form, which can be found here

Once you submit the interest form, you can expect to receive a follow-up call or email within 7-10 business days, from either the volunteer or staff co-chair of the Advisory Group or Committee you are interested in joining. There is also an Advisory Group specific application form you may be asked to complete after your conversation with the staff or volunteer co-chair of the group if your qualifications fit the current needs of the Advisory Group or Committee to which you are applying.

If you would like to learn more about the work of the specific Advisory Groups, you may do so by reviewing the “Introduction to National Volunteer Opportunities” page of MyAFS Help & Learning.