AFS Global You Adventurer Virtual Program

AFS Global You Adventurer Virtual Program

AFS has launched a new 100% online global experience for young people around the world!

AFS Global You Adventurer enables young people to explore the world from home, make new friends, build their global skills, and become an Active Global Citizen.

Do you know teens who are curious, want to create a positive change in the world, and love meeting people and making global connections? This is the program for them.

AFS Global You Adventurer helps young people 14 to 17 years old discover:

  • How to stand up for issues they really care about and help make the world a better place,
  • How to be part of a global community of people passionate about making a difference,
  • What makes differences between cultures important and beautiful,
  • Why we all need to build our empathy muscles,
  • How to avoid jumping to conclusions, and
  • What to do about inequalities they encounter.

Participants will receive the award-winning AFS Global Competence Certificate to help them stand apart, prepare for their future studies and work, and become a member of the lifelong, life-changing AFS global network. Plus, they’ll be eligible for a discount on future study abroad programs with AFS.

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As a member of the AFS Community, your family and friends are eligible to participate at the special AFSer tuition rate of $285 USD (regular tuition $315). 

Don’t forget to use this special code AFSERGY3 when applying for the program.