AFS-USA Alumni Newsletter: Fall 2020 Edition

AFS-USA Alumni Newsletter: Fall 2020 Edition

Dear AFS-USA Community,

While we are all immersed in challenges these days, we’ve also come to value the stability of a singular mission and values that inspire all that we do at AFS-USA. In the face of constant change, we recognize our need to seek-out and maintain deep and diverse human connections—which is a pursuit that we share.

Whether you’ve been waiting to see your grandchildren or have been left ‘glowing’ after a Zoom call (which so many of us are doing right now), we also share in our deep gratitude for the memories and moments we’ve had as a result of being connected with others through AFS.

AFS-USA creates global citizens. Right now, so many of us are involved in our communities—volunteering to help others, advocating for changes, speaking up…and speaking out.

This is a good time to review our values at AFS-USA and to thank you for all that you are doing to create a more just and peaceful world.

–    Participants and mission come first.
–    Individuals have the power to make change.
–    Inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility (IDEA) are central to our work.
–    Following our founders’ example, volunteerism sustains our organization and inspires our participants to make change in their communities.

In this newsletter, we’ve highlighted just a few of the people and stories that have given us inspiration during these times. At AFS-USA, we need to support one another through these difficult times and thanks to all of you, we are!

With appreciation,

Tara Hofmann, President and CEO, AFS-USA

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