Announcing Five for the Finish! Stay Tuned July 19th

Announcing Five for the Finish! Stay Tuned July 19th

On Monday, July 19th, AFS-USA is launching a new campaign with the goal of finding host families across the US for the students arriving this fall. Each day of the campaign, every AFS-USA volunteer will receive an email with a simple task to complete; these tasks will be focused on reaching out to connections across the country: family, friends, colleagues, alumni groups, etc.

While some teams have reached their goal or their school districts are closed, others have open schools and still need host families! In this new, more virtual world, you may have strong connections with those outside of your own community. We are asking you to consider not just your local connections, but your connections in other communities or even other states through this campaign.

There are approximately 300 students who still need a host family for this fall, which is the smallest number of students we have ever had left to place in mid-July. If, together, we can find families for these students by the 1st Arrivals Placement deadline on July 27th, they will all be able to arrive in time for the start of school and we will have achieved our goal!

The Five for the Finish campaign will run for five days, and tasks will be shared daily, as well as being posted on MyAFS Help & Learning. If every AFS-USA volunteer completes their tasks next week, we can meet the July 27th deadline. By participating in Five for the Finish, you’ll be making a huge impact!

P.S. On Friday, July 23, the final Five for the Finish email will include a link to confirm your participation in each of the week’s outreach activities. If you complete each activity you’ll receive a special gift from AFS-USA! Thank you in advance for participating and truly making a difference.

Please reach out to with any questions!