Back by Popular Demand: The AFS Volunteer Think Tank

Back by Popular Demand: The AFS Volunteer Think Tank

What Is a Think Tank?

In the summer of 2021, the AFS field staff launched a pilot virtual meeting with hosting volunteers from across the country to discuss various challenges or obstacles faced during hosting season.  For example, to collaborate on student bios that for one reason or other teams were having trouble identifying a host family, or discussing what was or wasn’t working with schools.  Each Think Tank volunteer brought student application case studies to review with the group and through collaboration would leave the meeting with a plan of action to secure a placement.

This year, volunteer Think Tanks will happen each month, on the second Thursday @ 1pm ET

Volunteers with all levels of experience are welcome. Everyone is encouraged to bring forward a challenge you are trying to work through, and/or share a success with the group around host family recruitment, volunteer engagement, school relations, hosted student applications, or anything else hosting related you want to discuss and collaborate on with your fellow volunteers.

If you have a burning question, or challenge you would like the group to discuss, but cannot make the meeting, let your Regional Director know and they can bring your question to the group.

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