Coming Soon: The AFS-USA 2021 Emerging Leader Award

Coming Soon: The AFS-USA 2021 Emerging Leader Award

The AFS-USA Emerging Leader Award recognizes a volunteer who shows the potential to be a future leader in an AFS Chapter, on a team, or on the national level. An Emerging Leader has demonstrated leadership by playing a key role initiating, steering, or fully participating in a specific task/project to a successful completion.

Recent past recipients include Davide Pu, a reverse returnee from Italy (who spent his exchange year in China) and David Ubogy.

Shortly after moving to the U.S., Davide joined the San Francisco Bay Area Team. At the time of his nomination in 2019 Davide was credited with putting together social meet-up events for students and families, helping with NSLI-Y interviews, contributing to the team’s diversity and scholarship initiatives, and being a member of the team’s Steering Committee. An Italian, who has lived in China, helping to host students in his community, while also helping to provide a means for U.S. students to go abroad, equals a global citizen who is truly a leader.

A member of the Greater Chicago Area Team, David was the Emerging Leader Award recipient in 2020. His involvement in the team was varied and valued. His family hosted 11 students and his son participated in a year-long program to Argentina. He not only filled the schools with which he is associated, but in some cases, he was able to negotiate for more spots for AFS students. During the early return of students due to COVID-19, David, a medical doctor, volunteered to perform evaluations for Thai students who needed a “Fit to Fly” certificate before returning home, extending his offer to include all Thai students in the Western Lakes Region. In many ways David has provided leadership for his team and region – and his efforts ultimately extend worldwide.

AFS-USA is so very fortunate to have volunteers like them to help drive the mission! The Volunteer Recognition Committee strives to honor all volunteers for their extraordinary service locally, nationally, and globally.

The recipient of the 2021 Emerging Leader Award will be announced at the AFS-USA Summit in November. Stay tuned and help us celebrate yet another deserving volunteer!