Conducting NH21 Host Family Interviews

Conducting NH21 Host Family Interviews

For NH21 placements, volunteers may conduct a virtual home interview if circumstances do not allow for an in-home interview, being sure to view all areas of the home as required by the regulations (exterior of the house, kitchen/dining area, living room, student bedroom/storage area and student bathroom). When completing the Interview Form, please indicate that the interview was not done in the home:

If the interview was completed via video and all areas of the home were viewed and rated satisfactorily, staff will transfer the completed host family application once they are fully screened in order to move the family forward and allow for communication with their student. A follow-up interview done in the home must take place for 2021-2022 participants prior to the student’s departure for the U.S. 

Once the host family application has been reviewed, staff will return the Interview Form to the interviewer with instructions to re-submit the form with the following section completed only once the follow-up visit has occurred:

The returned Interview Form will remain in the volunteer’s Interview widget until the follow-up section has been completed and the form re-submitted.* However this will not prevent the host family’s application from being accepted and transferred:

*Please note that if different volunteers complete the virtual and follow-up visits, the follow-up visitor must complete and submit a separate Interview Form. In this case, the follow-up visitor will be recorded as the interviewer in Global Link, making that person ineligible to conduct the 30/60 day visit once the student is on program. The volunteer who conducted the original virtual interview would be eligible to do so.