Educational Resources about the War in Ukraine

Educational Resources about the War in Ukraine

The following email was sent to AFS Educators:

The Russian invasion of Ukraine may have created feelings of anxiety, fear, confusion, or even anger in your students as they process the recent events. It’s likely that students are asking questions and want to talk about what’s happening. As their teacher or administrator, you’ll want and need resources that you can trust to facilitate productive and respectful discussions with students about this challenging topic.

The situation in Ukraine gets to the core of why AFS began more than 100 years ago. We were founded by ambulance drivers who wanted to build bridges between people and create a more just and peaceful world through intercultural learning and exchange.

On our website, you will find a series of cultural, intercultural, and pedagogical resources and activities to support you and your teachers in leading students through meaningful learning about difference, perspective-taking, and curbing judgment along with information about Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

If AFS-USA can support you and your school with additional needs related to global competence and intercultural learning, please reach out to us at or feel free to explore many more classroom activities and resources on our website.

Thank you,

Jill Woerner

Director of Educational Outreach