In-Home Visitor Assignment: A New Feature Going Live in MyAFS!

In-Home Visitor Assignment: A New Feature Going Live in MyAFS!

As you know, the volunteer who conducted a host family’s interview cannot complete the in-home visit. To help facilitate the 30/60 In-home Visit process and ensure compliance with this requirement, the CAG (Compliance Advisory Group), in collaboration with staff and volunteers in the Support Advisory Group (SAG and IT staff, have developed a new In-Home Visitor Assignment functionality within the Liaison Assignment and Contact and Visit widgets. This In-Home Visitor Assignment feature will assist volunteers by allowing for identification of the in-home visitor, as early as the time of liaison assignment, and has built-in logic that will prevent the volunteer who conducted a host family’s interview from being assigned. The In-Home Visitor can be assigned by the Area Team’s Compliance Coordinators and/or Liaison Assignment Coordinators. It is not required to fill in an In-Home Visitor at the time of liaison assignment, but it is recommended. If an In-Home Visitor needs to be removed/changed after they are originally assigned, the team’s Compliance Coordinator and/or Liaison Assignment Coordinator can make the necessary assignment change in the Contacts and Visit widget. Please note that unless a different volunteer has been assigned, the 30/60 column will default to the Liaison as long as the Liaison did not conduct the in-home interview.

Once on MyAFS, you can navigate to the Contacts and Visits page then toggle to the All-Participants tab where you will see additional columns that list:

  • Responsible: the liaison that is assigned to the student and thus is responsible for the monthly communication with their assigned student and host family.
  • 30/60: the volunteer that has been assigned by either the Volunteer Compliance Coordinator or Volunteer Liaison Assignment Coordinator to conduct the in-home visit for a specific


The In-Home Visitor Assignment Widget will also be available on the hosted dashboard as shown below:


It is the hope of the CAG, SAG and RMCQA team that this new feature will help to assuage the confusion surrounding who can (and cannot) conduct the in-home visits by identifying who will be conducting the in-home visit as early as possible within MyAFS.