Introducing the School Partnerships Team!

Introducing the School Partnerships Team!

Knowing how critical schools are to the success of the AFS mission, we have added additional staff to work with local volunteers and local schools particularly around hosted student placements and updating and improving schools data.  These new School Partnerships staff members DO NOT replace the important work done by local volunteers and instead support AFS School Representatives as well as schools where currently volunteers do not have strong existing school relationships.  If you have questions about:

  • working with schools to place exchange students
  • school fee reimbursements
  • how to find or record school information

you can turn to your School Partnerships staff member.  Each AFS volunteer team will be connected to a member of the School Partnerships team once the team is fully trained in the next few weeks, and you can find your team’s School Partnerships staff person in the Teams section of MyAFS.

Jill Woerner continues to be the Director of Education & External Outreach focused on our big-picture schools strategy and cultivating relationships with organizations and educators that bolster recognition of and connection to AFS and its programs as we strive to be a leader in building global competency skills. Please reach out to Jill at if:

  • you would like more information about how to be a successful School Outreach Coordinator
  • you have testimonials and positive news about a school relationship
  • you are aware of a great school outreach opportunity (like a conference or a special school project).

Interested in learning more about School Relationships?  Check out this article on Volunteer and Staff Roles in School Relationships or AFS-USA Staff: Who to Contact.