Materials & Resources to Promote Hosting!

Materials & Resources to Promote Hosting!

Host family finding is a year-round effort that takes a mixture of many different approaches to be successful! While the most effective means have always been a person-to-person conversation and word-of-mouth marketing, building awareness of AFS in the community is also important. Newspaper articles, web & social media postings, emails, flyers, and advertising in local media help raise the profile of AFS. The Placements widget of MyAFS is designed to help you showcase our awesome students. Here are some additional resources you can use to recruit host families:

1. Promote Hosting Article on Help & Learning

This article in the Promote AFS section of Help & Learning includes the following:

  • Host Family Recruitment Promotions Form (SP Funds)
  • Host Family Recruitment Guidelines
  • Email Templates
  • Hosting Strategies and Talking Points
  • Hosting Promotional Videos
  • Sample Web Ads
  • Printable Hosting Resources
  • Host Country Profiles

2. Meet the Students

Our meet the students zip code search tool allows families to see students coming to their area, read their bios, and if available, listen to their audio introductions.

3. Print Materials and Giveaways

Visit and enter password: afsvolunteer to access dozens of print materials and giveaways which are free of charge (including shipping) to volunteers. Order hand sanitizer for school visits, brochures for potential host families, flyers to hang in community locations, and much more!

4. Social Media

If you’re not already following AFS-USA on social media, go like and follow! Social media is a great place to promote AFS programs and opportunities, collaborate with others in the AFS community, and reach new audiences. Find us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Tik Tok! Join the Hosting Volunteers group on Facebook, and make sure to reshare AFS-USA posts to spread our brand and message near and far 🙂

*Please view the AFS-USA Social Media Policy prior to posting.

5. Collaborative Hosting Recruitment Best Practices

If you have ideas you’d like to share, or you’re looking to hear about what others across the U.S. are doing, check out this collaborative hosting best practices document!

Thank you for promoting AFS hosting opportunities in your community!