MyAFS Help & Learning Sending and Hosting FAQs Updated

MyAFS Help & Learning Sending and Hosting FAQs Updated

As we approach the planned study abroad departures and hosted student arrivals this January, we have updated the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) sections on Help & Learning that we hope will answer many questions that AFS volunteers and host families may have. Please note that this update includes the addition of a new Study Abroad FAQ section.

As we have all seen already so far this year, the experience of AFS participants, families, and volunteers has been like no other year in the past. That being said, AFS-USA is tremendously appreciative of all the efforts of AFS Volunteers, Host Families and Staff in ensuring the quality of our programs continues to be at the highest level. We are sure that the relationships built during the time of COVID-19 will far outlast the pandemic.

If you have additional questions about the FAQs, please contact your Field Staff or Participant Support Staff. Thank you!

SH21 Study Abroad Update 

We have 27 participants planning to go on Spring 2021 program to 13 destinations. These countries include Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Paraguay, Spain, and Uruguay. A majority of Spring 2021 destinations have received a greenlight and we are awaiting a status update for Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay.

SH21 Hosting Update

10 participants were slated for arrival in January for our SMscSH21 program. However, given the resurgence of COVID-19 across most of the U.S., and based upon the criteria set out for NH20/SH21, AFS International has approved only one of the participants for arrival on SMscSH21 in January (Seiler, Emma France – Vermont Area Team).