National Council April Highlights

National Council April Highlights

Your AFS National Council is made up of both volunteers and staff and works throughout the year to advance our AFS-USA organization priorities. Here are just a few of our April highlights…

The National Council is excited to share that we’ve kicked off planning for the 2022 Summit with special celebrations recognizing the 75th anniversary of AFS programs. Watch for a ‘Save the Date’ Summit announcement on MyAFS, as well as more information about our anniversary celebrations!

Our School Outreach Advisory Group (SCOUT) stays focused on working to maintain positive and mutually beneficial relationships with schools across the U.S. Visit MyAFS here to learn more about the two new school outreach volunteer roles: the AFS School Outreach Coordinator and the AFS School Representative. Contact your Area Team Chair if one of these roles sounds right for you!

And a BIG shout out to all AFS Sending volunteers, staff, and the Study Abroad Advisory Group. Tara Hofmann, President and Chief Executive Officer, was pleased to report that we currently have 128 students signed up for study abroad programs. This is three over the goal of 125! To all the volunteers who have promoted AFS programs with local students in your Area Team, your efforts have paid off! Keep up the great work and thank you!

Volunteers can learn more about the National Council and national volunteer opportunities on MyAFS Help and Learning (just search ‘National Council’, ‘Advisory Groups’, and/or ‘National Volunteer Opportunities’) and submit an interest form to be considered.