NH20 National Host Family Orientation

NH20 National Host Family Orientation

As noted in the COVID-19 FAQs, members of the Orientation Advisory Group (OAG) will lead National Host Family Orientation Webinars for NH20 Host Families. Special thanks to OAG member, Damian Pisanelli, and OAG Chair, Mary Ann Offer, for leading this effort with the help of other volunteers and Support staff who will participate in each session.

By August 22nd, all NH20 Host Families will receive an invitation from staff to participate in one of the four sessions noted below. Volunteers may also share these registration links with families at any time.

Saturday, August 29 – 11AM EST/10AM CST/9AM MST/8AM PST

Sunday, August 30 – 6PM EST/5PM CST/4PM MST/3PM PST

Wednesday, September 2 – 9PM EST/8PM CST/7PM MST/6PM PST

Saturday, September 19 – 11AM EST/10AM CST/9AM MST/8AM PST

Volunteer representatives from Teams that are hosting are welcome to attend and listen in on the webinars and Area Team Chairs will be notified of any families from their team registered to attend in the days leading up to each event. Please note, these national events do not preclude Teams from offering their own local Host Family Orientation or get-together virtually or in-person, provided local/state guidelines regarding group meetings permit it and CDC guidelines regarding social distancing and mask use are followed. For more information about the National Host Family Orientation Webinars, including a copy of the presentation to be used during the event and supporting materials, please see the Host Family Orientation page on Help and Learning.

Please direct related questions to AskAFS@afsusa.org.