One School’s AFS Legacy

One School’s AFS Legacy

Celebrating an AFS Legacy

We have some schools throughout the USA that would call themselves “AFS Schools” because they have a rich history of hosting and study abroad with AFS-USA and the volunteers have fostered a culture of engagement in the community to keep those traditions alive each year.

Keyser High School in West Virginia is one of those schools. They have consistently hosted students dating back to 1965. The Asst. Principal met with AFS volunteers and inquired with AFS staff to get dates, stories and so much more and created a beautiful display in the front lobby of their school.

What most educators would tell you is that a school’s culture is easily seen when you walk through the front door of the school. This AFS display at Keyser High School shares space in the front lobby of the school indicating that it is an important aspect of the school’s culture.

Is there a school in your community that would collaborate with  you to do something similar in their building? Consider this list of memorabilia that Keyser High School put into this display. This display will outlive any school leader transition and solidify your area team’s or chapter’s relationship with the school.

Flags from and a map labeling the exchange students’ home countries

Christmas cards sent to host families from students after they returned home

Host family photos

AFS luggage tags

AFS awards that the volunteers have presented to the school throughout the years

AFS guides and orientation handbooks

Tapestry marking specific events in different students’ experiences

Scrapbooks with newspaper articles

If a local school of yours has done something similar, we’d love to know about it and see photos! Feel free to share with us at!