Orientation Advisory Group Seeking New Members

Orientation Advisory Group Seeking New Members

The AFS-USA Orientation Advisory Group (OAG) reviews AFS hosting and sending orientation materials, for both students and parents/guardians, to ensure that they align with the AFS-USA and AFS International orientation standards.

This year (2021) the Orientation Advisory Group is focusing on the following three goals:

  • Review and revise Study Abroad Orientation materials
  • Review and create a plan to allow Study Abroad participants to integrate and share their individual learning with their home schools upon return from program.
  • Review and recommend a plan for configuration and implementation of the new host family portal for use by AFS USA families.

For more information about the group, please click here.

This group includes both AFS-USA staff and volunteers. Volunteer representation is based on AFS volunteer experience, interest, and skills. Ideally the group will include volunteers from across the country who are actively involved in organizing and facilitating local orientations and/or have an influencer role in the organization or team. AFS-USA strives to ensure that group composition is reflective of the organization’s approach to diversity and inclusion, and includes members who share different levels of experience with orientations.

The OAG meets monthly (2nd Tuesday in the evening) and OAG members can expect to spend 3 to 5 hours each month volunteering on projects or working in sub-committees.

Please consider sharing your experience, perspective and love of AFS, with the OAG.  For more information, please contact Damian Pisanelli, OAG Co-Chair, damosea@aol.com and fill out the interest form here.