Save the Date: Volunteer Awards Open March 15th, 2021

Save the Date: Volunteer Awards Open March 15th, 2021

National Awards:

Emerging Leader Award

The AFS-USA Emerging Leader Award recognizes a volunteer who shows the potential to be a future leader in an AFS-USA chapter, team, or on the national level. An Emerging Leader will have demonstrated leadership in an AFS-USA chapter or team by playing a key role in initiating, steering, or fully participating in a specific task/project to a successful completion. This award is intended to recognize emerging leaders regardless of age. A nominee must be a current registered volunteer and must have been active on an AFS-USA committee, special interest group, task force, or workgroup at the local or national level for at least two years.

Mission Award

The AFS-USA Mission Award recognizes an individual who holds, or has previously held, a volunteer leadership role at the chapter, team, or national level. This award recognizes an outstanding volunteer who has made a significant impact in promoting the core values and mission of AFS through their leadership. A nominee must be a currently registered AFS-USA volunteer and active for the past 5 years, in compliance with AFS-USA and Department of State guidelines, and not a past recipient of the Mission Award.

Dream Team Award

The Dream Team Award recognizes AFS-USA teams for exceptional and outstanding service that benefits AFS-USA volunteers in more than one area of volunteer development and recognition. This year’s award will highlight best practices in those two areas. Teams will be considered for this award based on their achievements in the areas of local volunteer recognition and appreciation, volunteer inclusion of both experienced and newer volunteers, and teamwork during the 2020 calendar year. Teams of all sizes are encouraged to apply.

International Awards:

Galatti Award

This award honors AFS volunteers whose commitment and exceptional dedication have advanced the mission and goals of AFS at the grass-roots level. It is the most prestigious commendation granted by the AFS International Board of Trustees for our volunteers.
Throughout AFS, volunteerism is key in carrying out the mission of making it possible for individuals to become responsible global citizens as well as active participants in the creation of a more tolerant and peaceful world.

Peggy and Art Howe Award

With this award, we want to honor the families of our volunteers while remembering Peggy and Art Howe, an exceptional couple who remarkably advanced the mission and goals of AFS both within the organization and in society at large.Though there are many examples of ways that the Howes supported diversity and inclusion, there are many different ways of interpreting diversity and inclusion. Tell us about how your favorite family of AFS Volunteers promotes diversity, inclusion, and the AFS mission.

Young Volunteer Award

Volunteerism has an important role to play in harnessing the potential of young people, and in AFS, young volunteers make fundamental contributions to promote intercultural understanding. Established in 2015, the Young AFS Volunteer Award for Outstanding Service recognizes AFS volunteers under the age of 30 whose exceptional contributions to the organization have made a difference in advancing the mission and goals of AFS

So get ready to nominate! The nomination period for all awards is March 15th – April 30th, 2021. Questions not addressed on each award’s MyAFS Help & Learning page can be sent to