View School Information Right in MyAFS!

View School Information Right in MyAFS!

This is the first of several changes coming to MyAFS to help volunteers engage with schools.

From the Teams widget in MyAFS, click on “Schools.”

By using the drop down menu that says “Hosting Status”, you can check and un-check boxes to see all schools associated with your Area Team that are hosting students now, have hosted in the past, and plan to host in the upcoming year.

To view more information about a specific school, click on its name. You will be brought to a screen that shows the school’s address, contact people, and their Hosting and Study Abroad history since 2000.

To learn more about schools in your area that have never hosted students, click on the blue question mark next to “Never.” This will take you to an article on Help and Learning that will walk you through how to search for schools in Global Link (“How to Search for School Information in Global Link”).

We hope that these new tools in MyAFS can help you in your role as a volunteer! Keep an eye on MyAFS News for future school-related updates!

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