Adjustments Made to New Bios and Get to Knows

Adjustments Made to New Bios and Get to Knows

We recently announced the rebranding of our hosted student bio sheets and get to knows, making them more engaging, informational, and multipurpose. After a week of these updates being “live”, we gathered additional feedback and suggestions from volunteers, and are implementing some adjustments/improvements. These changes include:

  • Fixing the contact information cut off in the footer (this was effecting volunteers with longer names/email addresses)
  • Removing the cover page from the Bio Sheet and Get to Know 
  • Updating the header text to remove 12-week hosting language 

These changes should go into effect today. Any additional updates will be communicated via MyAFS News to all volunteers, as we intend to continue improving and adding options for sharing student bios. If you have feedback when utilizing the new flyers, please send it to 

To further customize student bios and highlight students arriving this fall, consider utilizing the following resources: 

Thank you for all you do as an AFS-USA volunteer to promote hosting opportunities!