Affiliation End Dates to Auto Inactivate Affiliation

Affiliation End Dates to Auto Inactivate Affiliation

In a continuation of the efforts started several months ago to clean-up volunteer affiliations and ensure accurate records, we have made a system change to auto-inactivate affiliations based on the date input in the affiliations “End Date” as shown in the attached image.

Moving forward, if an end date is identified for an affiliation, the affiliation will automatically inactivate after that date.

This will allow volunteers and staff to plan ahead and keep accurate records.

Identifying an end date in advance is useful for team leadership positions that are held for a defined period of time, or in the event that a volunteer informs AFS and their Area Team that they will no longer be able to continue in their role beyond a certain date.

An end date is not required to add a new affiliation. Any end dates can also be adjusted at any point should the circumstances change.

For a reminder on how to assign an affiliation, please see this article in Help & Learning.

Thank you to all of our volunteers for your help in ensuring up-to-date and accurate records!