Area Team Spotlight: Dallas

Area Team Spotlight: Dallas

Dallas Area Team has really stepped up to the plate, calling former host families, sending student bios, distributing Peachjar flyers, and more! Read on to hear directly from the team on their achievements, challenges, and tips for promoting hosting in your communities.

Congrats on reaching your latest benchmark! What do you think contributed to this achievement?

Teamwork! We worked as a team to respond to host family leads immediately as quickly as possible. Working off a ten plus years’ master list we personally called or emailed prior host families with AFS to ask them to consider hosting, volunteering, or spreading the word on hosting. We sent student bios to engage families. And of course, word of mouth.

What obstacles around hosting are you currently facing or expect to face in the future? How are you overcoming those obstacles?

Lack of families due to COVID; to overcome this we promote the positivity of the program and we reinforce the wonderful support that AFS provides to the hosting process.

How are you approaching host family recruitment this year? Is everyone on the team participating or are a few really leading the efforts?

As a team. Concentrated efforts on hosting and volunteering. We meet monthly to discuss status, strategies, and do team building. This is very much a team effort.

What are some tools you are using to promote the hosting experience in your area’s schools and communities?

We ran a Peachjar flyer in March, which is a school and digital flyer platform. We not only targeted High Schools but we also added in Middle Schools and a few Elementary Schools. We will do this again but earlier than March next year. We distributed brochures. We intend to add yard signs and increase our social media platform next year.

Is there anything else you would like to speak on as it relates to your team, your hosting efforts, or this coming year?

The Dallas Area Team is amazing and has remained helpful and supportive throughout. We are passionate about what we do. We have volunteers that also work on the national levels of AFS. The volunteers contribute to every area. Sara Roberts, our Regional Field Specialist, has been extremely instrumental in our success efforts with training and school outreach.

Any words of inspiration for other teams around the country?

Keep motivating each other. Take your commitment and turn it into action. I would also encourage volunteers to look at the Hosting Hero resources and information. Form triad teams to equal out and share responsibilities. Mentor a new volunteer. Focus on your mission, set goals and be positive. Lastly, always ask “how can I help”!

Thank you to Sherry Hall and the Dallas Area Team!