Celebrate Exchange Day with AFS!

Celebrate Exchange Day with AFS!

Greetings from AFS-USA and happy Exchange Day! Today we want to thank you for your contribution and commitment to our organization.

On this special day, AFS-USA celebrates the exchange students, host families, and volunteers that are part of the AFS Network! Exchange Day was created in 2014 to increase awareness of the importance of educational and cultural exchange programs. AFS is extremely proud to be one of the oldest and largest organizations providing both exchange students and host families the opportunity to take part in a life-changing experience.

For this reason, today of all days we celebrate you, along with our exchange students and host families, to remind ourselves of the importance of intercultural exchanges. If you have any photos which showcase your AFS experience, we hope you will share them with us here. We also encourage you to share your AFS story on social media and tag us (@afs_usa).

With appreciation,