#ChaptersSupportingAFSUSA Important Update

#ChaptersSupportingAFSUSA Important Update

Dear Volunteers,

In late September, we launched #ChaptersSupportingAFSUSA—an idea that came from April Murphy, Chair of the Greater Phoenix Chapter and President of the AFS Arizona Superhero Team. April has asked her colleagues to contribute some of their existing funds back to AFS-USA at a time when the organization desperately needs funds.

Since then, we have received strong support in the form of contributions from Greater Minneapolis, Colorado Rockies, Greater Phoenix (Arizona), Michigan, New Jersey, Heartland Kansas, World Class, and Susquehanna Valley Area Teams!

AFS-USA Volunteers have generously provided close to $60,000 to AFS-USA’s national funds, and several volunteers donated personally as well. We are well on our way to meeting our $100,000 goal.

There are more than 140 AFS-USA Chapters and 75 Area Teams across the US – together you can, and are, making a difference.

I am so proud to represent all AFS-USA Volunteers, and that is especially true today as our organization deals with the biggest challenge it has ever faced. I know contributing your local funds to this Campaign is not an easy decision to make. Thank you for caring and giving at a time when AFS-USA really needs revenue to sustain us through the pandemic.

The deadline for #ChaptersSupportingAFSUSA is December 1st, 2020. The AFS Arizona Greater Phoenix Chapter has also put up a challenge—if 10 chapters contribute at least $2,000, they will match that with an additional $2,000 to AFS-USA.  

To contribute to #ChaptersSupportingAFSUSA, please send your check directly to Mustafa Mustafa at AFS-USA, 120 Wall Street, 4th Floor, NY, NY 10005. You can also contribute online via this link. Direct any questions you may have about the campaign to Jonathan Gross who is helping us coordinate this effort: Jgross@afsusa.org.

I hope you and your families stay well and keep your spirits high! Together, we are doing everything we can.

With warmest regards,

Tara M. Hofmann

President & CEO