Coming Soon: A New Tool Enhancing the Host Family Experience

Coming Soon: A New Tool Enhancing the Host Family Experience

What is the Global Family Tools Platform?

  • A one-stop-shop for Host Families and Volunteers to easily access information on computers and mobile devices.
    • Note: It is not an app that can be found in the app store but can be added to mobile devices to function like an app. If you prefer not to add it as an app, the browser view of the site itself provides the same mobile friendly view.
  • Host Families will be able to access:
    • Information specific to their student.
    • Contact information for their liaison, school, etc.
    • All emails sent by Staff and Volunteers via Global Link.
    • An array of information on topics from safety to travel guidelines and lots of helpful cultural activities.
    • A calendar for posting national and local orientation and event information.
  • The platform was developed by AFS International, and AFS-USA is customizing it to suit our needs. It will be enhanced with new sections and features as new iterations are released.
  • Click here to check out a short video introducing the Global Family Tools platform.
  • Click here to view an introductory PowerPoint presentation.

What are the objectives of the Global Family Tools Platform?

  • Improve Host Family satisfaction with access to information & support.
  • Increase Host Family knowledge by increasing the utilization of existing resources.
  • Make materials more practical & ready to use.
  • Eventually replace the Host Family Handbook.
  • Improve diversity and inclusivity within materials.

Who will have access to the Global Family Tools Platform?

  • Host Families, Volunteers, and Staff will all have access to the tool.
    • This will give all users the opportunity to benefit from the information included and allow sharing of individual resources.
  • Select Staff will have access to edit content.
  • Select Volunteers will have access to edit the calendar.

What are the plans for launching the Global Family Tools platform?

  • We plan to launch the tool to all Host Families and Volunteers before the arrival of NH21 hosted participants.
    • A group of Host Families across the country will help us pilot the tool and provide feedback starting in late May.
  • Instructional videos and written guides geared toward both Host Families and Volunteers will be distributed prior to the launch of the tool.

How can you help promote the Global Family Tools Platform?

  • You can help us get others excited about the new tool by talking it up during Volunteer meetings, Host Family orientations and interviews.
    • A promotional video introducing the tool will be distributed by early June.
    • The 2021 Pre-Arrival Host Family Orientation PowerPoint, which is currently being revised, will include information about the Global Family Tools platform