Coming Soon: Updated Volunteer Trainings

Coming Soon: Updated Volunteer Trainings

We have exciting news in the world of volunteer registration and training! The Department of State Certification (DoS) and the Hosting and Support Affiliations training (HSA) have been refreshed and renamed, and both trainings will soon be launched and become part of the volunteer registration process. The DoS Certification will be known as the “State Department Certification,” and the HSA training has been renamed to “AFS Basics.” The information in the new AFS Basics Training is foundational to who we are as an organization that works with youth, and it’s critical for every AFS volunteer to be familiar with this information.

Including the trainings in volunteer registration means no more juggling rolling due dates or losing access because a training expired, because it will all be taken care of one time per year! The new trainings will be launched in April, so look for the new trainings on your volunteer registration checklist the next time that you complete your annual volunteer re-registration.

Key takeaways:

  • The DoS and HSA trainings have been refreshed and renamed.
  • The State Department Certification and AFS Basics will soon be completed by all volunteers during the volunteer registration process.

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