NH24 Sponsored Programs Placement Progress and Success

NH24 Sponsored Programs Placement Progress and Success

Dear Volunteers and Staff,  


As part of the Sponsored Programs Team, we sincerely thank everyone involved in the placements of our participants who are a part of the YES, FLEX, and CBYX programs. To give a snapshot of your success, as of March 27th, 2024, we currently have 97 confirmed placements of Sponsored program participants for NH24. This represents a significant increase compared to the 52 placements made by the same date in 2023 and 40 placements in 2022. YES and FLEX applications were distributed 3 weeks earlier than last year and we would like to thank everyone involved in considering the ECA program students just as the hosting season kicked off. We applaud everyone’s efforts, big and small, in helping to create a more peaceful world through intercultural exchange.  


The Sponsored Programs team is excited to continue to share resources to help with our final placements. Take a look at our talking points when talking with potential Host Families of SP students.  


Furthermore, We created a fun coloring page designed by one of our current YES students from Türkiye. You can download the coloring page and share it at elementary schools, doctor’s offices, restaurants, etc.  


Lastly, we invite you on April 23rd at 8pm EST to the Pakistani Palooza, which will be a fun-filled night where we will chat with Pakistani YES Alumni and their Host Families as we dive deeper into Pakistani culture and their hosting experience with AFS-USA. 


Again, we thank you for all of your continued efforts in the placements of the Sponsored Programs students! We invite you to join Jacob Nathanson and Natalie Rehberger every Tuesday at 4pm EST to join their Sponsored Program “Office Hours” to chat about everything SP. 




The Sponsored Programs Team