Drumbeat: Promote AFS with the My AFS Buddy Project

Drumbeat: Promote AFS with the My AFS Buddy Project

Word of mouth is one of the strongest hosting recruitment strategies, and the “My AFS Buddy” project is an easy way to spread the word about AFS! Watch this 2-minute video to find out what it is all about and how you can help share your love of AFS in just five easy steps!

Ready to join in the fun? Let’s get started!

To recap:

“Buddy” is a paper cut-out, like Flat Stanley, who can be shared on social media to build awareness about our mission worldwide. Your “Buddy” can be smart, cultural, adventurous, diverse, open-minded, and a snappy dresser!

  1. Print it
  2. Decorate it
  3. Snap it
  4. Post it
  5. Pass it


Don’t have access to a printer? Check out the all-virtual option!


The more people who interact with our “Buddies”, the more potential to reach future AFS Host Families, students who want to study abroad, schools, and volunteers!

We look forward to seeing your creativity and the fun adventures of our AFS Buddies! Remember to make your posts public, tag @afs_usa, use story stickers @afsprograms and hashtag #myAFSbuddy, so we can all follow along!