Global Competence Certificate To Be Offered To Returnees

Global Competence Certificate To Be Offered To Returnees

In addition to offering National Re-Entry Webinars, AFS-USA will also be providing an opportunity for US Returnees to earn a Global Competence Certificate (GCC)an online course created by AFS International for AFS Partners around the globe to use.

We are providing this program on a complimentary basis to US students whose AFS program was shortened due to COVID-19. This is an opportunity for Returnees to:

  • Connect with AFSers from around the world;
  • Continue their intercultural learning;
  • Receive support from trained AFS facilitators who will guide them through live webinars, forum discussions, and interactive online modules;
  • Provide an opportunity for facilitated reflection on their program experience.

All learning in the GCC happens on a ‘mobile-friendly’ platform. Once Returnees are enrolled, the assigned facilitator will hold live video sessions every week. Interested Returnees should plan to spend approximately 12-15 hours during the next 4-6 weeks to take part in the course and receive the full benefits.

Upon program completion, Returnees will receive an official Global Competence Certificate from AFS. This certificate becomes part of their personal portfolio of experiences and demonstrates that they have not only studied abroad but have also reflected on and furthered their global competence.

We sincerely hope Returnees will take advantage of this opportunity!

Please note that while AFS-USA is only offering this opportunity to US Returnees, many other AFS Partners are also providing this program to their students — both those that have returned home and those still sheltered in place in the US.

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