Help Share Why AFS Is Important To You!

Help Share Why AFS Is Important To You!

We are asking all volunteers to please help share, in four simple steps, why AFS is important to you and your community.

AFS-USA is launching a national “Letter to the Editor” campaign to spread the word about AFS, the power of exchange, and to support the national host family recruitment effort.  Letters to the editor have been a proven method to successfully promote AFS in communities and get people to take action.

Here is how it works:

  1. Complete this simple form (less than five minutes).
  1. We will generate a personalized letter to the editor for you.
  1. We will help identify a newspaper locally to submit your letter to if you need our help (just let us know in the form above).
  1. Once you have your letter and newspaper identified, submit your letter online (only takes a few minutes).

After completing step four, know that you just helped make a major impact by spreading the word about AFS and the positive effect intercultural exchange has on communities and people.

If your letter gets published, please let us know, email Candace:

Please let Candace know if you have any questions, and we look forward to collaborating with you on this meaningful project.

Thank you for all you do as a volunteer to support the AFS-USA mission.