International Education Week Starts Now!

International Education Week Starts Now!

IEW is a great opportunity for volunteers to reach out to educators and give presentations in their schools and communities (either virtually or in-person). We encourage you to use our Volunteer to Educator Email Generator and IEW Outreach Letter! 

AFS-USA current hosted students have been encouraged to participate (you can find details at and we have also reached out to returnees, host families, and educators with resources and tools they can use during IEW and beyond. 

Volunteers can find additional resources and information in the Promote AFS section of Help & Learning! 

We’d love to see photos and videos of you celebrating on social media (please tag @afsusa (Facebo0k) and @afs_usa (Instagram) using the hashtag #PassPeaceForward). If you’re not sure what to share, you can repost from the AFS-USA national page(s). 

Thank you for promoting peace through intercultural understanding! Dedicated volunteers like you make it all possible.