It’s Day 1 of the #WhyHostingMatters Campaign!

It’s Day 1 of the #WhyHostingMatters Campaign!

AFS-USA is kicking off the Five Ways to Share #WhyHostingMatters Campaign this week! Our goal? Find host families for the AFSers arriving this fall and promote international student exchange.

As a reminder, each day of the 5-day campaign, every AFS-USA volunteer will receive an email with a simple challenge.

Today’s challenge is to share your support of AFS and its mission by updating your Facebook Cover Photo and sharing a Facebook post with your personal AFS story/quote.

To update your Facebook Cover Photo, navigate to your profile page, click edit cover photo in the bottom right of your current cover, and use one of these images (or an AFS image of your choice). You’ll need to download the zip file to access the images. Refer to these instructions if needed.

Here is an example of the type of post we would love to see. Don’t forget to use #WhyHostingMatters as well!

With appreciation,

Your friends at AFS-USA

P.S. You can also promote AFS on Instagram stories by using AFS stickers! You’ll find these by searching for @afsprograms or afseffect.