Mid-Stay Orientation Planning

Mid-Stay Orientation Planning

The Mid-Year Orientation slide presentations and activities have been updated and can be found in MyAFS Help & Learning.

The materials are built on the AFS Student Learning Journey and provide activities and discussion points designed to help students reflect on their experience so far, set goals for the second half of the program and discuss communication skills. As always, volunteers are encouraged to add content based on their local environment and circumstances.

As you prepare for your mid-year events, we encourage you to check in with host families also. You will find an optional Host Family Mid-Year Orientation presentation should you wish to gather them together in person or virtually.

Information and resources for conducting virtual events can be found here. Best Practices for conducting In-Person events here.

We encourage all volunteers involved in Hosting Orientations and Support to review these materials to build awareness of this important stage of the students’ experience.

Click here for the above referenced information and materials