New From AFS-USA: A Podcast!

New From AFS-USA: A Podcast!

We are happy to introduce The AFS Exchange, a new podcast from AFS-USA! The first two episodes have been released, and a third episode will be out in July.

The AFS Exchange podcast will feature conversations with AFS volunteers, host families, participants, returnees, and educators. There will be some learning along the way; you can expect to hear tips for host families and future study abroad participants. There will also be fun facts about fellow AFS partner countries, world languages, and AFS history.  

Where to listen? You can find us on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. You can also check out The AFS Exchange at, where you will find transcripts of each show.

The AFS Exchange is hosted by Kate Mulvihill, Manager of Digital Products and Instructional Design at AFS-USA

The AFS Exchange