New Online Orientation and Support Resources on MyAFS

New Online Orientation and Support Resources on MyAFS

Announcing a new Covid-19: Online Orientation and Support Resources section on MyAFS Help and Learning. 


Here you will find a variety of resources designed to encourage the value of learning in crisis and cultivate additional opportunities for self-reflection during this challenging time. Currently, there are one-pagers covering topics like managing stress and disappointment and curbing boredom. You will also find tips for facilitating online, and recommended webinar materials for completing your Pre-Return and Re-entry Orientations online.

As both our hosting and sending students will soon make their way home (if not already), we encourage you to use these resources as soon as possible to help support and guide them through this step of their learning journey.

***Important Note***

In addition, we will be offering National Pre-Return Orientation Webinars for those teams who are not able to run their own using the resources provided, and for students who can’t make any PRO Webinar that the team may plan locally.

Taking virtual space limitations into consideration, the first National PRO Webinar will target students who will be departing next week and will take place Tuesday, March 24th from 1-3pm EST.

Please register your students via this link, or share the link with them to enter their information directly into the form. The student’s name and email address will be requested.

Additional National PRO Webinars will be offered moving forward on a weekly basis. The schedule for these will be announced early next week.

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