Opportunity this Fall for Core Program Hosted Participants

Opportunity this Fall for Core Program Hosted Participants

On Friday, August 18, the following email was sent to host families of Core program participants who are already on program, as well as to the Core program hosted participants who are already on program. It was NOT sent to host families of Sponsored Programs (YES, FLEX, CBYX) students or to Sponsored Programs participants, as they are not eligible for this particular opportunity.  

The message that was sent to hosted students was almost identical to the one that was sent to host families.  If you have questions about this opportunity, please contact AskAFS@afsusa.org 


Here is the text of the email to host families:  

We hope you have enjoyed the first week of welcoming your AFS student into your home – this is an incredibly special time in the exchange experience, full of exciting moments and shared memories that will last a lifetime.  

As a host parent, you are a part of the AFS community, consisting of volunteers, staff, students, alumni, and host families. We hope to share opportunities for you individually, your family, and your hosted student throughout your hosting journey.  

One such opportunity for your student(s) is the BridgeUSA Leadership Development Program Seminar, an event which secondary students on a BridgeUSA visa can apply to attend (your hosted student is eligible). The seminar will be held in Washington, D.C. from October 19th- 22nd and applications will be accepted through September 5th!  

Additional details including the application link can be found here.  

We hope that you will encourage your student to apply. A similar message will be sent to them directly. We look forward to sharing more opportunities with you in the near future!   

With appreciation,  


*Please note that students on Department of State sponsored programs (YES, FLEX, CBYX) are not eligible for this opportunity but will have a chance to apply for others in the course of the year.