The 2023-24 Audit Cycle

The 2023-24 Audit Cycle

The Risk Management, Compliance & Quality Assurance (RMCQA) department is gearing up for the 2023-24 cycle, at the conclusion of which AFS-USA is slated to undergo a US Department of State Management Review, commonly referred to as an audit.

The Department of State audit holds significant importance for AFS–USA as its outcome directly impacts our designation as a J-1 visa sponsor.  While the encompasses a wide array of organizational aspects, a pivotal focus area is contacts and visits. For each student selected, we will need to provide all required contacts and visits. These records serve to showcase not only our steadfast adherence to J-1 visa regulations, but also underscore the exceptional level of support extended to our participants and host families.

The RMCQA team is committed to diligently overseeing contacts and visits compliance and collaborating with staff cross-departmentally to ensure that all participants and host families are connected to an active and compliant liaison for the duration of the cycle.  We will also work closely with Area Teams, proactively addressing any missing requirements throughout the cycle. The collaboration with our liaisons and Compliance/Support/Liaison Coordinators will be instrumental in achieving our goal of 100% compliance.

Looking to kickstart the year on a strong note? Look no further than the 1=4 visit strategy. Liaisons who did not conduct the in-home interview may visit their student and host family in their home within the initial month of arrival (August for 1st arrival students), and that 1 visit will fulfill 4 requirements. This one visit efficiently fulfills four crucial requirements: the Student First In-Person, the 30/60 Day In-Home, and the mandatory August Student and Host Family Monthly Contacts. This streamlined approach not only simplifies the compliance process but also highlights our commitment to a comprehensive support system for our participants and host families.

We thank all volunteers and staff who are working to ensure that all 2023-24 participants have a compliant placement, including a liaison. Your efforts and support of our students and host families are critical to the success of the program, and to our ability to maintain designation as a J-1 Visa sponsor.