Recognizing Donna Pierce for 50 Years of Contributions to AFS

Recognizing Donna Pierce for 50 Years of Contributions to AFS

The Dallas Area Team recently recognized and celebrated Donna Pierce for 50 years of contributions to AFS!  

Donna first connected with AFS in 1974 when her family hosted a student from Austria and registered as an AFS volunteer a few years later. In 1976, Donna started the Highland Park High School AFS Chapter and single-handedly ran it until 2021 when she officially retired from her job as a science teacher. Her work includes countless contributions, such as recruiting host families, providing study abroad opportunities for local students, chaperoning two AFS bus trips, and hosting students herself. Donna has even had the chance to visit some of her exchange students on her travels!  

At 90 years young, Donna will soon be moving to St. Louis to be closer to her daughter. The Dallas team recognized Donna at their mid-year orientation with the gift of an AFS t-shirt quilt made from many different AFS t-shirt designs. Donna’s parting words to her team are to “keep in touch with your AFS students, and students stay in touch with your host families!”  

We’d like to express our great appreciation to Donna for her dedication to our mission over the last 50 years! If you’re interested in making a lasting impact like Donna, you can learn more about volunteering with us at

Dallas area team celebrating Donna's contributions with an AFS tshirt quilt

P.S. Is there a great AFS volunteer in your area you’d like to recognize? Reach out to us at!