Save the Date: AFS Day is April 6th!

Save the Date: AFS Day is April 6th!

AFS Day Save the Date April 6

AFS Day is coming up on April 6! On this day, we’re asking hosts, students, volunteers, and alumni across the country to promote AFS in their communities, with a special focus on recruiting hosts for our exchange students arriving this fall. Whether it’s tabling at an event, posting flyers around town, or giving a presentation, we hope every AFSer will participate in this exciting event. To help you make the most of AFS Day, we encourage you to order free promotional materials from us in advance (use passcode afsvolunteer to access)!

AFS Day also falls on National Library Day, and what better way to pass peace forward than to build an AFS Free Library on a street in your community? This is a fun and easy way to promote intercultural education while also giving back to your community! Instructions for how to build an AFS Free Library can be found here. You can also search for existing Little Free Libraries in your neighborhood to visit on AFS Day using this map tool. Whether you are building a library, or visiting an existing one, be sure to stock it with our AFS bookmarks, which you can order below!

Order Bookmarks!


Please reach out to us at with any questions or concerns. We look forward to seeing how you #PassPeaceForward for AFS Day!