Update for AFS-USA Volunteers About 2020 NSLI-Y Virtual Summer Intensive Program

Update for AFS-USA Volunteers About 2020 NSLI-Y Virtual Summer Intensive Program

Please note that this message is internal and for reference by AFS-USA Volunteers regarding the NSLI-Y Summer 2020 program.

We hope this message finds you and your loved ones doing well during this difficult time.

In follow-up to our March post about the cancelation of NSLI-Y summer 2020 programs, we’re glad to announce that AFS has been awarded NSLI-Y Virtual Summer Intensive (VSI) participants across all four of our scheduled NSLI-Y languages!

The Sponsored Programs NSLI-Y team has been actively working with our colleagues at AFS China, AFS India, AFS Indonesia, and AFS Russia to prepare for virtual language instruction for approximately 50 participants learning Chinese, Hindi, Indonesian, and Russian, respectively.

Participants will attend two hours of language instruction daily, Monday – Friday for the five-week program, beginning in early July. Language instruction will be conducted live via small group video conference, while assignments and activities will be managed through a learning management system (virtual classroom environment). Participants will attend virtual cultural enhancement activities implemented by our AFS partners, such as tours of museums or heritage sites, cooking and art classes, interactions with local families, lectures about a range of cultural topics, etc. Peer tutors from the respective host countries will also be partnered with participants to engage in language practice and foster local connections.

Our team is looking forward to guiding participants through a virtual language and cultural learning experience, as well as to broadening AFS-USA’s experience with virtual programming.

If you have any questions about NSLI-Y Virtual Summer Intensive program, please reach the NSLI-Y team at NSLIforYouth@afsusa.org.

With warm regards,

Hannah Stewart, NSLI-Y Specialist
Melissa Rossi, NSLI-Y Coordinator
Allen Evans, Manager, Outbound Sponsored Programs