Updated Online Liaison Training

Updated Online Liaison Training

We are excited to share the release of an updated version of the Online Liaison Training.

While the overall objectives of the training have not drastically changed, the content has been refreshed and updated to better fit today’s needs.

All first-time Liaisons are now taking the new training, and we strongly encourage all current Liaisons, Associate Support Coordinators, Support Coordinators, and Liaison Coordinators to review the new training now so that you can familiarize yourself with the updated material. Even seasoned Liaisons may find some fresh best practices or some good reminders of program policies, and completing the new Online Liaison Training will ultimately be required for all support volunteers.

The training is broken into three modules:

Module 1 – Liaison Roles & Responsibilities
The first module introduces you to some of the key roles and responsibilities of an AFS Liaison.

Module 2 – Supporting Cultural Learning & Cultural Adjustment
The second module digs into the topics of Culture and Cultural Learning, while illustrating ways in which Liaisons can best support Host Families and Students in their journeys together.

Module 3 – Communication Strategies
The third module covers several topics involving communication techniques and strategies that should help Liaisons throughout the AFS exchange experience.

The training can be found in MyAFS’s Training Center under “All Courses” and then “Courses”, or through this direct link.