Will You Champion A Student From Spain?

Will You Champion A Student From Spain?

Meet Roberto from Spain, who is arriving in the US this fall and is excited to discover a new culture and share his own:

*Please only share this video with other registered AFS-USA volunteers.
While Roberto has a host family, we are still looking for hosts for our other Spanish students, like Lucía, arriving to your community this fall. Please reply to this email if you’re able to host a student from Spain for a few months to a full year or fill out a form at afsusa.org/host to get started!

If you’re already hosting, or not able to host, will you use the following resources to help spread the word? 

  1. Share a student bio for a student who still needs a family on social media using this template (this link for Canva).
  1. Utilize this “about Spain” flyer to generate interest in hosting Spanish students (this is a great resource to accompany an email).
  1. Post your own AFS story on social media and include #WhyHostingMatters. Get started by checking out this hosting promotional language!

Thank you for everything you are doing to find host families for the incredible students arriving in August.