2022-23 NSLI-Y and YES Abroad Finalist Information Available

2022-23 NSLI-Y and YES Abroad Finalist Information Available

Please note that this message is internal and for reference by AFS-USA Volunteers who worked on the NSLI-Y and YES Abroad Interview Season.

Warm greetings and Happy Independence Day!

The NSLI-Y and YES Abroad staff are happy to share that lists of 2022-23 NSLI-Y Virtual Summer Intensive (VSI), NSLI-Y Summer Overseas, NSLI-Y year program, and YES Abroad finalists from your area have been posted to MyAFS Help&Learning for the NSLI-Y/YES Abroad Interview Season. As explained here, AFS NSLI-Y is excited to continue our overseas and virtual summer programs.

As a student privacy measure, links to the data are only sent to Interviewers from the student region, and only available to registered AFS Volunteers using their AFS Global Link username and password. The list(s) will be available until July 11. Accessing the data:

  • If you were an Interviewer for the NSLI-Y/YES Abroad Interview Season and have not received the list email as of this posting, please reach us at nsliforyouth@afsusa.org.
  • If you are having difficulties viewing the data for your area, please reach your Interview Coordinator to request assistance. If you do not know or cannot reach your Interview Coordinator, please contact us at nsliforyouth@afsusa.org.

Data privacy:

  • The NSLI-Y and YES Abroad lists are accurate as of July 1.
  • The lists do not contain students who declined finalist offers or candidates selected as alternates who were not later offered a finalist slot.
  • Finalists who have been assigned to programs implemented by AFS are listed in bold.
    • Finalists who have been assigned to other implementing organizations must not be contacted by AFS unless they have previously expressed interest in being contacted by AFS.

The lists will be removed on July 11 and the data is confidential to registered AFS Volunteers –the data must not be shared outside of registered AFS Volunteers in your area. You can learn more about our 2021 VSI programs here and here.

We sincerely appreciate your work on the Interview Season during these unusual times, and we thank everyone who was involved in successfully completing another NSLI-Y and YES Abroad interview season!

With our best wishes and appreciation,

Melissa Rossi, NSLI-Y Specialist

Nic Smith, NSLI-Y Coordinator

Eliane Bach, NSLI-Y Adviser

Kristin Micheletti, NSLI-Y Visa Adviser

Allen Evans, Manager, Outbound Sponsored Programs