5 for 5 Hosting Campaign Resources You Can Use All Summer!

5 for 5 Hosting Campaign Resources You Can Use All Summer!

Have you participated in our 5 for 5 Hosting Campaign? It’s not too late to utilize these resources – in fact, they can be used year-round!

Here are the five challenges with resources you can use to continue to recruit host families this summer:

  1. Craft a message using this template, sharing your personal AFS story. If you don’t have one that you’d like to share, utilize the sample in the template. 
  2. Add your message to a social media group, on NextDoor, or another community forum. 
  3. Text your message to 5 people using this template. 
  4. Share information about an upcoming hosting info session with your network – email, text, post on social media!  
  5. Nominate a host using this form – think of those in your community who may make great hosts! 

You can also utilize any of these resources available on Help and Learning:

Email Templates:

Choose the audience you are sending the email to for a sample of what to say.

Past Host families- Country Specific

Past Host Families- Generic

Sending Leads

Sending Leads – Recently Returned and Parents

Family Members

Organizations or Clubs

Alma Mater

Other hosting strategies and talking points:

Hosting Tasks and Recruitment Ideas

Tips for Finding Host Families

Hosting Strategies

Hosting Call Scripts

Hosting Blurbs

Thank you for all the work you are doing to find host families for students who remain without placements! Please reach out to marketing@afsusa.org for any additional resources, ideas for your area, or other general support.