AFS Area Team Spotlight: Florida Volunteers Participate in Disney Half Marathon!

AFS Area Team Spotlight: Florida Volunteers Participate in Disney Half Marathon!


On February 27, 2022, AFS Florida Team students, host moms, and volunteers served as part of the Volunteer Ambassador Team supporting the StarLight™ Children’s Foundation at the WDW Princess Half Marathon in Orlando! Their support made the Runners’ experience even more special. This worldwide event was a fun teambuilding that allowed our AFS Team to give back to our community.

AFS-Florida volunteers efforts at the Disney Princess  Half  Marathon helped bring happiness to hospitalized kids. The StarLight™  Children’s Foundation delivers hospital gowns, gaming, toys, and more to kids in hospitals across the country. The SCF promotes that  “a single smile can completely transform the experience of being in the hospital.”

The AFS Florida Team volunteers arrived at 5:30 am to support six  gEarCheck stations. Each station had an average of 200 bags.  Over 13,700 worldwide Runners crossed the finish line of the 13.1 mile course; many of them wore fun Disney costumes. Besides their participation fees, the runners raised funds for the StarLight™ Children’s Foundation.

AFS Volunteers congratulated and cheered the runners who proudly displayed their race medals. The runners were very appreciative of our support. At the end of our shift, our AFS volunteers had created great memories and exchanged over  1000 smiles!

On behalf of the StarLight™ Children’s Foundation and the Volunteer Ambassador Team: Many thanks to our AFS Volunteers for helping us support a great cause in our community!

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