Celebrate AFS Day on April 6th!

Celebrate AFS Day on April 6th!

AFS Day is coming up on Thursday, April 6! AFS Day is an opportunity for AFSers across the country to collectively promote intercultural learning and exchange. This is the perfect time to share hosting opportunities with your community! Participation in AFS Day can include a range of activities such as posting/handing out flyers, giving presentations about AFS, and tabling with your team’s exchange students at events or local shops. Here are some resources to help you have a great AFS Day: 

  • April 6 is National Library Day: Visit your school libraries, public libraries or Little Free Libraries outside and bring AFS bookmarks, which are available to order here (passcode = afsvolunteer)
  • Build your own AFS Free Library! This is a fun and easy way to get AFSers from your area together and promote intercultural education, while also giving back to your community. Instructions for how to build an AFS Free Library can be found here. 

2 people pose in front of a Little Library

  • Posters and flyers for posting, tabling, presentations, and other events are available on our Help & Learning Promote Hosting article as well as in our Canva Templates article. You can also order a flyer here.
  • We have a new branded presentation template with customizable slides that you can use to promote AFS at events, such as in schools, community centers, or local groups. You can find this presentation template in our Give Presentations article on Help & Learning.
  • Spread the word by sharing this AFS Day social media post and caption on your personal/team profiles, or send it to others via text and email on April 6th.  

We’re so excited to see all of the ways our community will participate and celebrate AFS Day. Please tag us in your posts and send us photos of your promotional efforts using this form. 

We hope every AFSer can join us in having a great AFS Day on April 6. If you need assistance ordering materials or have any questions, please reach out to marketing@afsusa.org. Thank you for your support as we expand our AFS family and continue #CreatingGlobalCitizens! 


If you’re celebrating Passover on April 6th, consider reaching out to your local libraries and community organizations later in the week or over the weekend.