AFS-USA Volunteer Recognition International Awards

AFS-USA Volunteer Recognition International Awards

Making a global difference – locally!  When we think about the ideal AFS volunteer, what comes to mind? Engaged, thoughtful, creative, passionate, and committed to furthering the AFS Mission; providing intercultural learning opportunities to help people develop the knowledge, skills, and understanding needed to create a more just and peaceful world.

The Galatti Award honors Steven Galatti and celebrates volunteers whose longtime commitment, dedication and exceptional journey with the organization have advanced the AFS-USA mission and created a significant impact.

The Peggy and Art Howe Award honors the Howe Family and celebrates families who provide exceptional, outstanding service to AFS and furthering the AFS Mission as a family.

The Young AFS Volunteer Award for Outstanding Service recognizes AFS volunteers under the age of 30 whose exceptional contributions to the organization have made a difference in advancing the mission and goals of AFS. More than one of these awards may be granted in any given year, unlike the other two.

These awards are the most prestigious the AFS Global Network of Partners bestows on volunteers and are designed to recognize the various and different types of contributions people can make.  Volunteers nominated for an award have typically taken on many roles in local and even national realms. They embody the “can do” attitude and are the person that everyone else turns to when it’s time for somebody to get something done. They all started small and just kept going, and their roles within their Teams and the national and international organization kept growing along with them.

Nominations for volunteer awards open every year during March-April. The 2021 nomination period is now closed, and the Award recipients will be announced at the annual Summit this November.

We hope your Team will consider worthy Volunteers when the nomination season opens in 2022.