*NEW* Language Proficiency Testing for Participants

*NEW* Language Proficiency Testing for Participants

Starting this summer, many of our study abroad programs will now include language proficiency testing to measure our participants’ language ability and growth while abroad. Each participant will be expected to complete this assessment after their return from their AFS study abroad experience.

What is language proficiency testing?

Language proficiency describes one’s ability to use language to accomplish real-world tasks in a variety of settings, topics, and audiences. language proficiency test provides a verified measurement of this ability. 

When students complete their language assessment, they receive a score report which shows and explains the proficiency levels demonstrated by the participants in each area of communication (interpersonal listening and speaking, presentational writing, and interpretive listening and reading). This report can be provided to the local school, future university or employer to demonstrate their language skills after their AFS program. It will be up to the receiving schools and employers to determine if these language skills merit granting credit, placement or recognition at their individual organization.  

How can I learn more?

You can find out more by visiting the Language Proficiency Testing webpage found here. More information will also be shared via MyAFS in the coming weeks.

This new benefit to participants is being included on applicable study abroad program pages in the “What’s Included” section, and will be announced on social media.

Please reach out to studyabroad@afsusa.org with any questions. Thank you!