NSLI-Y: Persian and Hindi Semifinalists in Global Link!

NSLI-Y: Persian and Hindi Semifinalists in Global Link!

You can now find the contact information of NSLI-Y summer Persian and Hindi candidates in your area on Global Link with NSLI listed as the Responsible Org (program code IPnsNH21)! If you have any trouble accessing this information, you can follow the Global Link instructions on the MyAFS Help & Learning Page or contact a SIC for assistance: nsliyinterviews@afsusa.org or 1.800.876.2376 x2240.

As a reminder, NSLI-Y/YES Abroad candidates will be released on a rolling timeline. Following is a brief summary of candidates released thus far and their interview timeline:

  • All NSLI-Y Academic Year: Should be contacted for an interview by 1/15, with interviews completed by 1/31.
  • All YES Abroad: Should be contacted for an interview by 1/21, with interviews completed by 2/7.
  • NSLI-Y Summer Persian and Hindi: Should be contacted for an interview by 1/25, with interviews completed by 2/12.

Please note that, in order to best manage the cycle’s rolling interview timeline, we will close the service cases of applicants once their completed interview form is submitted for final evaluation.

Do not hesitate to reach our team at nsliyinterviews@afsusa.org or 1.800.876.2376 x2240 with any questions. We’re grateful for your help in conducting interviews thus far this season! Thanks to your hard work and diligence, over 100 interviews have already been scheduled or completed!

The AFS NSLI-Y/YES Abroad Interview Team