NSLI-Y and YES Abroad Interviews Update

NSLI-Y and YES Abroad Interviews Update

Please note that this message is internal and for reference by AFS-USA Volunteers regarding the upcoming NSLI-Y and YES Abroad interview season.

Dear NSLI-Y and YES Abroad Interviewers,

Every fall, we turn our attention to the upcoming NSLI-Y and YES Abroad interview season. AFS-USA collaborates with the U.S. Department of State and American Councils to plan interviews for over 1,000 program applicants. This is a significant undertaking, and we could not interview so many wonderful and motivated NSLI-Y and YES Abroad candidates without AFS-USA volunteers in the important coordinator and interview roles!

While details for the interview season are still being considered, we do know that current circumstances will make this interview season unlike any other.

  • The U.S. Department of State has informed us that all interviews will be conducted remotely, via video conferencing or over the phone. As part of our interviewing process for this cycle, we will include tools and training for connecting with applicants and conducting interviews remotely.
  • All NSLI-Y academic year semi-finalists and YES Abroad candidates will be asked to interview in December and January.
  • NSLI-Y summer semi-finalist interviews will be conducted for a subset of semi-finalists and shifted to January and February. NSLI-Y summer semi-finalist interviews will be assigned to specific semi-finalists by American Councils based on an evaluation of motivation for language learning, commitment to intercultural understanding, demonstrated cultural awareness, and ability to adapt to an overseas learning environment, as evidenced in the application.

This shift in timelines and number of summer semi-finalist interviews will also enable candidates to receive selection notifications somewhat earlier than in previous cycles. As we plan for these changes, we want to be cognizant of the needs of interviewers, coordinators, and teams. Our hope is to thoughtfully engage with stakeholders as we navigate this interview season. We will continue to update, as details and logistics are determined.

We’re grateful for your continued support of the NSLI-Y and YES Abroad programs and applicants, and we’re looking forward to another interview season!

AFS staff and volunteers can be proud of our recent successful implementation of the NSLI-Y summer 2020 Virtual Summer Intensive (VSI) program, which you can read about in our MyAFS News posts: VSI pre-program introduction and overview, VSI post-program newsletter and highlights.

Don’t forget, all three outbound U.S. Department of State programs –NSLI-Y, YES Abroad, and CBYX– are currently accepting applications nationwide for the 2021-22 (NH21) program cycle. Deadlines vary by program. Learn more and find our program-specific contact details and social media links in our MyAFS News post, here.

With our appreciation and best wishes,

The NSLI-Y and YES Abroad Interviews Team