Stage Three of Hosting Begins May 1st

Stage Three of Hosting Begins May 1st

Thank you to our hosting volunteers for your flexibility during this uncertain time. While discussions are ongoing regarding flexible arrival dates and hosted participant numbers, we feel confident in moving forward to Stage Three of the Hosting Application Distribution Process beginning on May 1st.

Between May 1st and May 8th teams may enter Regionally Available requests for any of the Area Team Available students they no longer wish to have linked to their team. Area Team Hold requests can be put on any Regionally Available students you wish to show to a family. In addition, by May 8th we kindly request that any students who are School Placed in your team be moved to Area Team Available or Regionally Available.

If you have questions about this process, please reach out to your Hosting Programs Specialist! We will be in touch with additional details for Stage Three soon.

We have been hearing questions about when more students will be released. Our partner countries are in the process of evaluating their sending programs for the upcoming school year, and we will know more in a few weeks. Even though we are waiting for more information before releasing additional core students for placement, we encourage you to continue focusing your hosting efforts on the students currently available for placement, especially our YES and FLEX students.

Thank you for all you do!